Tournaments & Events

Pin Day is “usually” played on the first Tuesday of the month. The pin is won and kept by the lowest net score in each flight.

Event Days are throughout the month.  The fee is $2, and all money is returned to the winners.

Green and Yellow
This is a two-person team event.  Players will alternate teeing off from the greeen and yellow tees.  At the end of the round, the net scores for both players will be added together for their team score.  Teams with the lowest combined net score will win.  Everyone will also be encourages to wear green and yellow on this day.

Beat the Pro
Regular golf is played for this event.  Our Pros will also be golfing.  If your net score is lower than the Pro’s gross score, you have beaten the Pro.  Everyone with a lower score wins the event.

T and F
“T” and “F” refers to the first letter of the hole numbers on the course.  This game only counts the score recorded on the holes beginning with “T” and “F”.  There are four such holes on the front and five on the back.  Each player will play regular golf on the nine holes assigned to them.  Circle the NET score you receive on the “T” and “F” holes and record that total on the scorecard.  A player form the other nine will be randomly selected to be your partner.  The two NET scores will be added together to become the nine hole score for your two person team.  Lowest score wins.  Ties will be decided by a scorecard playoff.

Orange Ball
Each player in the foursome plays the orange ball for a hole.  Rotation should be decided before startig the fist hole and continue through 9 holes.  Post the orange ball score at the top of the scorecard.  At the end of 9 holes, add the low net score for the fousome to the Orange Ball score.  This is the team score.  Low team score on the front and back wins.

Cha Cha Cha
In the 4-man Cha Cha Cha event, each member of the team plays her ball throughout the round. On the par 3s (Cha), the one lowest net score of the team is used as the team score. On the par 4s (Cha Cha), the two lowest net scores of the team are used as the team score. On the par 5s (Cha Cha Cha), the three lowest net scores of the team are used as the team score.

Three Clubs and a Putter
Choose any three clubs plus a putter and place in golf bag.  Only those clubs will be used for the nine holes of golf.  The players with the lowest three scores wins either first, second or third prize.  Ties will be broken by the hardest hole (scorecard play-off).

Skills Challenge is an individual event. The will be set up to test various skills (ex. putting, chipping, drives, bunker shots).

Alternate Shot
Alternate shot is a 2-person team event.  You may select your own partner or be paired with another league member.  All players will drive from the tee box on each hole.  Each team will select the best drive and then alternate shots from the best drive until the ball is holed.

Modified Scramble (Shamble) – Team Score
Each team member will tee off and select the best drive.  Team members then play their own ball from that position until the hole is completed.  The low score of the team is recorded.  Low score wins – a team for the front and a team for the back.

Throw Out is an individual handicapped event. Both gross and net scores shall be kept on each hole and totaled at the end of the round. The pro will “throw out” the net scores from two holes and will then deduct those scores from the 9 holes played. The lowest net scores on front and back win. The “throw out” holes will not be known prior to play. The 9-hole gross score will be used for posting purpose only.

This is a two-person team tournament held twice during the season. The format for the first week is “4 Ball” where the team’s lowest net score per hole is their team score.  The format for the second week is “Best Ball Scramble”.   The lowest team net score is the winner.  Everyone will play from the yellow tees.  Players may have different partners for the week.

League Championship Tournament
participants will play from the yellow Tees.  There will be two League Champions recognized – one overall Low Gross and one overall Low Net.  Both individuals will receive a trophy and pendant.  Additionally, prizes will be awarded for Low Gross and Low Net in each of three flights with only one prize per player.   A maximum of 25 handicap for 9 holes us used for all players.  Everyone will be required to have participated in a minimum of 10 league days and have at least 10 scores posted in GHIN since the start of the league to be eligible for the League Championship Tournament.   Further instructions sill be communicated prior to League Championship play dates.

Solheim Cup
This is a two-week match play event. It consists of two teams (A&B). Each team has a field of ladies with various handicaps and both yellow and green tee players. Players from team A are matched up with players from team B of an equal caliber. The team with the most match play points over the two-week period wins the event.  The first week is a team match play with cart partners where the lowest net score of the twosome is the team score.  The second week, individual scores are used.

Guest Day
Our league invites Fox Den, Oak Ridge, Lakeside, and Rarity Bay 9-hole ladies leagues to join us for golf and lunch.

Women Fore Women Tournament/Fundraiser
All participants are encouraged to donate a minimum entry fee of  $20, which is donated to a local women’s support organization.   This is an individual event with fun incentives and door prizes.   All players play from the yellow tees. It’s an event you don’t want to miss!

Pick 5
1. Prior to starting the round, pick 5 holes on the scorecard that will count for your score.  It could be easy holes where you know you usually score wells or holes where you get more dots (or a combination of those strategies).
2, Circle the holes below the diagnal line (Net Score) on the scorecard.
3. Prior to starting the round, there should be 5 circles for every player on the scorecard (20 total circles).
4. As play begins, record gross score above the diagonal line and record the net score below the diagonal line.  The ball must be holed out on the holes that are circled.
5.  Upon completion of the round, add up gross scores (to be recorded in GHIN) and add up the circled holes and record as the total Net Score below the Diagonal line in the Total column.