Hostess Instructions

Hostesses will be contacted by email prior to their scheduled week to serve. If you cannot make your hostess commitment, please find a substitute or trade with someone. Notify the Hostess Chair of the change.

There are three hostesses each week. Hostesses should arrive at the course one hour prior to the schedule tee time. Give yourself enough time to have your golf bag on a cart and to be ready to play.

The check-in tables and chairs will be set up by the Pro Shop.

Retrieve the 9-hole hostess box containing supplies needed for the day. It will include chip-in can, chip-in awards, birdie and Pin Day awards, any other awards not previously picked up by members and any manual sign-up sheets that will be available for members.    The awards will be in envelopes with names on them. The golf pros will generate the list of golfers playing that day and will hand out a copy to each of the three hostesses. Retrieve the hostess box in the following locations:

  • Toqua—the back wall of the pro shop between Adam’s office and the storage room in the lowest bottom cabinet.
  • Tanasi—the office closet in Casey’s and Michael’s office.
  • Kahite—the locker located in lady’s locker room. The Pro Shop has the key. Remember to return the key to the Pro Shop before you start your round.

Check for cancellations/additions with the Pro Shop. All additions should already be approved for play by our Pro. All cancellations are noted on the Hostess Sheet by writing CANCEL next to the person’s name. If a player has not arrived before the hostess table closes, write NO SHOW next to her name.

The player should first pay her golf fees in the Pro Shop.

  • One hostess will write Attendance on one of the sheets and check off the player’s name with a hi-lighter on the attendance sheet.
  • One hostess will write Chip-Ins on one of the sheets and hi-light the players name on the sheet when collecting the quarter entry fee.
  • One hostess will remind players of any manual sign up sheets and collect the required entry fee. Checks are required when signing up.  Otherwise, the sign-up sheet will be taken to Toqua after league play where members may sign up with a check.

Everyone should be checked-in 15 minutes prior to starting time.

When closing the hostess table, return the attendance and chip in sheets, chip-in container, all envelopes not picked up by previous winners and any sign-up sheets to the hostess container and return the container to the designated locations (see above).