Golf Etiquette

Maintain pace of play. Every effort should be made to play at the same pace as the group in front of you. Hit your ball only when the group in front of you is out of range.

Do not move, talk, or stand close to or directly behind a player while she is making a stroke or putting.

Repair your ball mark and any others close by before leaving the green.

On the fairway, use the sand provided to fill your divot and any others close by.

When leaving a bunker, use the rake carefully to fill and smooth holes and footprints.

Declare the brand name of your ball at the first tee box. Place a distinctive mark on both sides of your ball to eliminate confusion of ownership.

Keep your cart quiet when a player is addressing the ball.

Help the single player with her cart when needed.

If there’s a question about a player’s score, address it respectively and politely before leaving the hole.