All members of the TVLGA-9 League have the option of joining the Hole-in-One Club for $5 a year. You can join the club any time during the year. You must be a member of the club prior to making a hole-in-one in order to qualify for a prize.

The Hole-in-One Club year begins on Opening Day and ends the day before the next year’s Opening Day. Prizes are awarded at the Spring Luncheon.

The hole-in-one does not have to occur on a league day to qualify for a prize, but it must be accomplished on a regulation hole on one of Tellico Village’s three courses from a USGA-recognized tee box . Your score card must be signed, dated, and attested by a playing partner. Forward your score card to the TVLGA-9 League president after notifying the pro. Holes that have temporary teeing areas and/or greens are excluded.

The prize will be determined by the amount of money collected; an individual payout, however, cannot exceed $500. If there is more than one winner, the available prize money will be divided accordingly. Any money remaining in the Hole-in-One Club at the end of the year will be carried over to the following year.

The $5 cost for joining the club can be paid separately by a check made payable to TVLGA-9 and sent to the treasurer of the league.

Hole-in-One Pins – Any TVLGA-9 member who gets a hole-in-one on a regulation golf course will receive a hole-in-one pin at the next Spring luncheon.  Your dues in the TVLGA-9 must be current to qualify for a pin.

Hole-in-One Winners

Joan Taylor October 17,2023 Kahite #3
Barbara Park May  11,2023 Toqua #13
Carroll Banks April 11, 2023 Tanasi #18
Heide Rosenberg March 28, 2023 Toqua #13
Kip Probst May 18, 2021 Toqua #13
Bobbie Taylor June 4, 2020 Toqua #13
Carol Baxter October 3, 2019 Toqua #13
Alice Sauger June 6, 2019 Kahite #5
Rachel Kohn July 1, 2018 Kahite #5
Carol Moehrke April 8, 2014 Toqua #5
Maureen Gillis July 30, 2013 Tanasi #14
Peggy Galloway May 24, 2011 Toqua #13
Lyn Pritchard Jut 18, 2009 Toqua #13
Jan Luedtke August 17, 2008 Kahite #5
Nancy Schmidt June 5, 2008 Tanasi #17
Rose Howard June 14, 2007 Tanasi #14
Sandy Ball 2006 Kahite #8