A handicap index of 46.0 or less is required to join the TVLGA-9 Hole League.

For regular golf or events where each player plays her own ball for all 9 holes, each player is required to input her score into the GHIN system to maintain a current handicap index.

The MAX score a player can take on a hole is a NET Double Bogey and is dependent on the player’s handicap index and the course handicap of the hole.  When the pros have created scorecards for the day, they will display “dots” on each hole to indicate your handicap.  Net double bogey for each hole is double bogey (par + 2) plus your dots.  If there are no dots or if you are unsure of your max score, record your gross score on the scorecard.  When you input your score to GHIN, use the “hole-by-hole” option and GHIN will adjust your score to the max score on each hole.  

NOTE:  A maximum of 25 handicap will be used for League Championship winner.