2019 League Schedule

If an event on the play schedule has an asterisk (*), you should not sign up on Chelsea. Rather you sign up at the Hostess Table on League day, usually two-to-three weeks prior to the event. Signup sheets are also posted in the Toqua clubhouse ladies restroom.

Weekly Instructions

Sign up for Tuesday League play using the Chelsea system.

Pairings are posted on this Website a day or two before League play.

If you sign up, but are unable to play, you must cancel through the Chelsea system by using your confirmation number.

  • If you need to cancel after Noon on Friday, please email our golf pros.
  • If you need to cancel on the day of golf, call the course where we are playing.

Plan to arrive at least 40 minutes prior to tee time to sign in, pay any special fees for the day, and join the chip-in pot (25¢—optional). The hostess table closes 15 minutes before tee time.

*No Chelsea sign up on events marked with an asterisk. Sign up at our Hostess Table on Tuesday mornings two or three weeks prior to each event. Signup Sheets will also be posted on the Toqua Bulletin Board. Checks for luncheons and guest day events must be made out to TVLGA-9.

Bold listings are regular golf days. Away events are in italics.

3/26 9:30 Tanasi Opening Scramble/Spring Luncheon*
4/2 9:00 Kahite Pin Day
4/9 9:00 Toqua
4/16 9:00 Tanasi Good Samaritan Donation Day
4/23 9:00 Kahite Guest Day at Fox Den – Optional*
4/30 9:00 Toqua Event Day Cha Cha Cha
5/6 Mon p.m. Rarity Bay Guest Day at Rarity Bay – Optional*
5/7 8:30 Tanasi Pin Day
5/14 8:30 Kahite Big Sister/Little Sister
5/21 8:30 Toqua Monroe/Loudon Animal Shelter Donation Day
5/28 8:30 Tanasi Event Day – Throw Out
6/4 8:30 Kahite Pin Day
6/11 9:00 Toqua Guest Day (RB, FD, OR, Lakeside)*
6/18 8:30 Tanasi Event Day Yellow & White (2-person team)*
6/25 8:30 Kahite Oak Ridge Guest Day – Optional*
7/2 8:30 Toqua Pin Day
7/9 8:30 Tanasi Member-Member (2-person team)*
7/16 8:30 Kahite Member-Member (2-person team)*
7/23 8:30 Toqua Good Shepherd Donation (rain date M-M)
7/30 8:30 Tanasi
8/6 8:30 Kahite Skills Challenge – Optional*
8/13 8:30 Toqua Match Play Solheim Cup*
8/20 8:30 Tanasi Match Play Solheim Cup*
8/22 Thurs a.m. Lakeside Guest Day at Lakeside–-Optional*
8/27 8:30 Kahite Event Day – T&F
9/3 12:30 Kahite Pin Day
9/10 9:00 Toqua Pink Ribbon/Cancer Awareness Day
9/17 9:00 Tanasi League Championship*
9/24 9:00 Tanasi League Championship*
10/1 9:30 Toqua Pin Day
10/8 9:30 Tanasi Rain Date – League Championship
10/15 9:30 Kahite Wee Course in Knoxville – Optional*
10/22 9:30 Toqua Event Day – Orange Pride/Orange Ball
10/29 9:30 Tanasi Event Day – Beat the Pro
11/5 9:30 Toqua Closing Scramble/Fall Luncheon*