Speed of Play Hints

Know when it is your turn to play. Have your clubs in hand and be ready to move to your ball when the player behind you hits.

Cart Partners: If your next shots are relatively close (20-to-30 yards), drop off the away player with her clubs. Move the cart out of the way until it’s the driver’s turn to hit, and then pick up the away player.

Place your clubs between the green and cart so you walk by your clubs after holing out.

Leave the green immediately to allow the next group to play up.

Mark your score cards at the next tee box.

If you’re getting behind, have the first two players who putt out proceed to the next hole to tee off. This can only be done when you have four players.

The maximum time to search for a lost ball is three minutes. Make sure a provisional bail is hit if there is any possibility that the ball is lost. If the search for the lost ball will not interfere with your shot, hit before joining the search. A provisional ball is defined in the Golf Rules section, under Out of Bounds/Lost Ball.

Watch the flight of other players balls.